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Personalized feedback based on your genetics… Anytime. Anywhere.


Genealogy Care uses your DNA data to show you your risk for developing certain diseases based on the latest genomic technology and other health data. We also alert you to how frequently you should be checking for these disease risks and guide you to any government programs that could offset testing costs.

Are you at risk?

If you are at risk, we will provide you with an actionable plan to prevent disease before it ever has a chance.

Prevention from a single test.


When you enroll in the Genealogy Care program, we will screen your entire genome for any early signs of high-risk diseases. We will also provide you with an actionable plan on how you can prevent those disease risks from developing in the first place.

Did you know?

1 in 6 people have a genetic variant that will affect them in their lifetime. Prevention is more effective and less costly than treatment.

Are you concerned about your genetic risk for cancer or disease? If someone in your family has an at-risk gene, your chances of inheriting the same condition are greatly increased.


The Genealogy Care Advantage



No more waiting rooms or unnecessary testing. Using your genome, Genealogy Care targets only the testing you need and gives you a practical and actionable plan you can use.

Cutting Edge Technology

We use the latest in AI technology to analyze HLA DNA in high definition. Our process is one of a kind and is produces more reliable results than many hospitals.

Accurate Results

Our PReciSon (PRS) algorithm looks at monogenic and polygenic traits to produce the most accurate results.

Our DNA algorithm can analyze monogenic and polygenic DNA with an accuracy of 98.59%.

Easy and Convenient

Simple testing from the comfort of your own home. No need to visit a crowded hospital or order multiple tests. One saliva sample covers 117 disease risk traits.


We don’t just tell you your genetic risks; we give you an actionable plan for prevention based on genetics, lifestyle and environmental factors.

Additionally, we will provide you a genetic counselor if you are at risk.


No needles, blood, or unnecessary testing. A simple saliva sample is all you need.

Secure and Confidential

Our Genomic GPS encryption technology keeps your genetic information safe and secure. 

Genealogy Care will never share or sell your information.

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